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Make Your Own Hammock Snake Skins - Hennessy Style

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Have you heard of snake skins for hammocks?  They're simple and easy to make - I'll show you how!

I got a great deal on a Hennessy Hammock system, and while watching YouTube videos about it someone mentioned you could buy Snake Skins (from Hennessy) to make setting up and packing your hammock easier.  If it's raining while you're setting up they will keep things dry until you pull the skins back, and someone also mentioned if you're in tick-prone areas the skins will keep ticks contained until you can open your gear and spray with permethrin.

Table Saw Safety - Zero Clearance Insert and MJ Splitter

I haven't done a "tool of the week" post in a long time.  Here's on of my most recent favorites products I'd like to share with you - especially if you have a table saw!

I bought a Delta Unisaw and it didn't have any safety features around the blade.  I've learned the importance of having a riving knife or splitter behind the blade to keep your material from pinching the blade and shooting back at you.

When I took my woodshop class in college the saw had these small plastic inserts that set into holes in the throatplate behind the blade.  It was simple to remove the 'tabs' when you weren't making through cuts and put right back in.

Tutorial for Making Pediatric Surgical Caps (Service Project)

Monday, April 9, 2018
Our church is doing a service project where we will sew fabric surgical caps for a local Pediatric Surgical Unit.  The children get to pick the cap they want to wear during surgery and take it home as a keepsake.  The staff know how much this means to the kids and families - it eases their anxiety by letting them choose something which gives them a feeling of control and also lets them know someone was thinking about them by creating something special.

I hope this post will help other individuals or groups with a service project of their own!

DIY Tutorial - Easy iPad Mount for Car Headrest

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
I remembered the day before we were to go on a road trip to the Smokey Mountains last week that our plastic iPad mount was broken.  I got supplies together I had on-hand and came up with an easy, yet very effective headrest mount that I'd like to share with you (so you can make one too)!

It's solid, stays put and we didn't even notice it was on the headrest while driving.  The bluetooth speaker is held in place underneath with elastic loops - totally optional!

DIY Cheap & Easy Wooden Easels

Friday, March 16, 2018
 I needed some easels for an activity I was helping with at church.  I had a bunch of 1 x 5/8" 'sticks' cut that I decided would work perfectly for making my own set.

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