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Easy Sewing Tutorial - How-to make pants into shorts (never buy shorts for your kids - AGAIN)!

Monday, March 27, 2017
Can you imagine having 4 boys and never needing to buy shorts?  Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

It looks something like this!

New Dog = Less Projects for me!

I haven't been able to do projects very much this last month and a half because we got a dog!  I didn't expect her to be all-consuming of my time.  It's getting better as she's adjusting to our home and learning to chill out and lay down/relax.  Between walking her, playing with her in the yard, brushing her, cleaning up after her, worrying about her chewing something, making sure she's not going potty in the house, etc I don't get much accomplished (just remember I have an active toddler at home, too)!

Her name is Heidi and she's a 15-month-old German Shepherd who came to us with no training and used to living outside.  She's a sweet gal and really good with the kids, especially our little toddler.  She's smart and we're both learning the in's/out's of training.

This was my first attempt to do a project in the garage.  If she wasn't right under my feet she was pushing her slobbery squeaky toy on my leg (we're working on her not doing that).

Needless to say... I'm super antsy to get things done but am trying to be patient :)

DIY - Make Your Own Wood Storage Bins + TV Armoire Renovation

Thursday, February 16, 2017
 I made some wooden bins that would fit perfectly on the shelves and doors of this old TV stand and took pictures of how I did it so YOU can do it too!  They're easy peasy and super inexpensive!

I'll also show you how you can turn a TV armoire into a place where you can store and organize whatever you want (pantry items, craft supplies, clothes, games... you name it)!


How-to Add a Switch and Grounded Wire to Old Motor (Update Your Shop Tools)!

Friday, January 27, 2017
Perhaps the biggest difference (and most important) part about re-storing my old drill press was updating all the wiring.

I've read horror stories about these old, all-metal machines carrying voltage through them and going straight to the person using it (because the machine wasn't grounded).  I certainly don't want to die so it was a huge priority to make this drill press safe before I could use it!

Also, I don't like the idea of plugging a tool in to turn it on so I wanted to add a switch.  I wasn't able to find any information on how to add a switch/grounded wire to a shop tool so I read a lot of electrical sites, forums and most importantly - I talked to my dad.  I wanted this thing to be "code" and for it to be done RIGHT so I can show people how to do it themselves.  (See disclaimer below)

This is the state I bought it in.  It looks like someone tried to add their own switch by roughing in an old lamp cord and wrapping the ends with a wad of electrical tape.  People, people.

The idea is simple, really.  To add a switch you need to have the hot wire 'interrupted' and that is done by having the hot wire connected to the switch on both ends - when it's flipped on/off the hot wire is "connected"/"disconnected".  

Delta Homecraft 11-120 11" Drill Press Restoration & Re-wire

Thursday, January 26, 2017
For the last month I've been looking for a drill press and band saw on Craigslist to add to my shop.

When I saw this little beaut it just felt right.  I e-mailed the guy to see if he could budge on the price and I got it for $50.

I honestly didn't know much about drill presses a few weeks ago because I had only used one a handful of times.  I was hoping it would be larger than what it looked to be in the pictures and I was glad to see that it was a good size - and it's a heavy little bugger (I can barely tilt it up from laying down)!

I didn't test it before I bought it because the wiring was cr-aaa-zy!  Seriously, someone just wired an old lamp cord to this thing and wrapped a bunch of electrical tape around the exposed wire ends.  I honestly don't get it.

I'm not going to do an in-depth post about how I re-stored my press because I mostly want to focus on how you can add a switch and a grounded wire (posted here).

But first - BEFORE and AFTER pictures of this machine!

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