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DIY Cheap & Easy Wooden Easels

Friday, March 16, 2018
 I needed some easels for an activity I was helping with at church.  I had a bunch of 1 x 5/8" 'sticks' cut that I decided would work perfectly for making my own set.

Singer Sewing Machine Bases for Sale

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
I've had a lot of interest in my Singer Sewing Machine bases - click here for information on prices, payment and individual bases for sale.



Dani's Sewing Room Tour + My Favorite Sewing Machines!

Guess what!?  I have a sewing room again!!  I'm so SO excited.  Since moving into our house 2 years ago I've had 90% of my stuff inside bins in the walk-up attic - going in/out during a project and digging around in the dark was tedious so I haven't been sewing very much.  The other 10% of my stuff was in the guest bedroom closet and my industrial machines in the front room downstairs.

We decided to sell the guest bed and make the room my official sewing room.  Within a few days of selling the bed I had everything put together.  It was shocking how well everything came together - years of thrift store purchases and random things I wasn't using got put to use.

The biggest purchase for the room was the rug from Sam's club - it's an indoor/outdoor rug and will hold up well and protect our white carpet! Thrift store purchases: the pinboard on the wall, large basket under the table, the table, both wooden chairs, tall shelf and Singer 201 sewing machine.  Craigslist purchases: Singer industrial walking foot machine, Pfaff computerized sewing machine (in case on ground) and accordion sewing box on the floor.

Trimming Collection Bag for Industrial Serger Sewing Machine - DIY Tutorial

Monday, February 26, 2018
If you saw my previous post you'd know I got an industrial serger!  Sergers make a lot of messes because of all the trimmings they create!

I brainstormed and came up with a little fabric bin that collects the trimmings - hopefully with this tutorial you can make one too!

Strong magnets in the hem attach the bin directly to the machine*.  It removes easily for dumping and sticks right back on.  There's a strip of boning in the front to keep the bin open.

Union Special 39500FW Industrial Overlocker - Transformation Process

Sunday, February 18, 2018
My Pfaff 4872 Electronic Serger wasn't cutting it for me anymore.  I craved durability and power.

The day I decided I wanted an industrial overlocker was the same day I found a lady who was willing to trade her overlocker (plus an extra head) in exchange for my Pfaff.  We both left feeling like we scored!

Let's be honest though.. the table was in bad shape!  I toyed with the idea of taking it inside my house and using it as it was - but I know me - and I wouldn't be completely happy unless I fixed it up and made it mine.

So here it goes - the BEFORE and AFTER pictures (my favorite part of course):

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