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He didn't know but I was watching his every move.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
I'm a stalker.  I admit.  He didn't know it, but I WAS watching his every move until my kids distracted me and I lost site of him.  I couldn't see him anywhere!  "WHERE DID HE GO!" " Did he leave the store without paying!"  "He certainly didn't have enough time to pay."  "He must have taken off with it - WITHOUT paying!"  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw him.  He was an old man with a long white beard and he had the sewing machine I wanted.  I should have gotten it first if only I had gotten there 5 minutes before I did!

When I first got to the THRIFT STORE my kids were running everywhere and my stupid cart wouldn't fit down the isle and I was annoyed.  I ditched the cart and browsed through the isles my kids were playing in.  Then I remembered why I had been there. I wanted to see if there were any sewing machines.  I got to the electronic section and my heart stopped the moment I saw the Bernina 730, but someone had found it first!  He was testing it out and it worked!  I walked about 10 feet past him pretending to look at something else, but I had my eye on him.  He fiddled around with it for a few minutes and then he put it in his cart.  AH!  The sticker on it said $19.99!  What an awesome deal!  He browsed the store SLOOOWLY.  I was waiting for him to decide he didn't want it afterall.  Did he not know I had crazy kids that were driving me crazy and everyone else crazy!  I couldn't do this ALL day.  I didn't follow him BUT I knew where he was at all times.

Long story short, he took it.  I guess next time I'll just have to get there 5 minutes earlier.

I just might be crazy.
3 comments on "He didn't know but I was watching his every move."
  1. OH Dani ... I love your perspective and your witt when telling stories. Keep them coming...

  2. I know! Kids in stores are a no go. So what happened to your beast that you just bought? The super old but awesome one? Just wondering. :)


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