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Tutorial for Covering a Diaper Wipes Case

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Tutorial for covering a diaper/wipe case
Enjoy crafting at home!

What you need: travel-sized wipes case (find them at Babies R' Us!), scrapes of material and batting, 1 3/4 yards trim (about 1/2-inch wide), 1/3 yard elastic, glue gun, and scissors

Cut two pieces of fabric that are 1-inch larger than each side of the case. Put a line of hot glue right along the edge of one of the short ends (be sure not to put glue on any of the sides where the case opens). Press your fabric onto the glue, right-side up.

Put a line of glue along the back edge of the case and pull your fabric a little as you press it onto the hot glue. Stuff some batting into the 'pocket' you just made.

Trim off any excess batting.

Glue the other short end right along the edge. Pull your fabric a little as you press it onto the glue. Glue the last edge and pull your fabric as you press it down.

Trim off your excess fabric. You want the fabric to hang off the edge a little but not into the area where the case opens and closes.

Glue your trim on the TOP of the case starting in the back. Take your time and don't put too much glue or it will come through your trim.

Keep going...

Once you get to where you started, cut your trim so your ends will meet perfectly with no overlapping.

Trim frays easily so you'll want to seal the ends by dabbing them with glue.

For the bottom, you'll want to glue two pieces of elastic about 1.5-inches from each end to hold diapers. Glue them on the short end where the case opens and not on the top part because you'll want to be able to give enough room for the diapers.

The hardest part is getting the elastic perfectly straight and parallel.

Continue gluing trim on the bottom half just like you did the top.

It's that easy and it's so convenient! No more diaper bags.. just throw this in your purse!

Thanks to my forever friend for showing me how to make these!

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