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Tutorial for Making an Adjustable Toddler TIe

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Tutorial for making an Adjustable Toddler Tie
Enjoy crafting at home!

What you need: old Men's tie, sliders (or Velcro), my pattern, sewing machine and scissors

Un-stitch center seam on tie and press flat.  Cut pieces out from pattern.

Place stabilizer under lining pices and pin down. Fold tie in half length-wise with right sides together. Pin.  Sew along raw edge.

Turn tie right side out.  Press flat with a warm iron - be sure center seam is in the center because you don't want a crooked tie!

With right-sides together, sew neck strap along long edge.  Trim excess seam.

Turn and press flat.

If you want to use Velcro, cut neck strap to fit around toddlers neck comfortably (be sure to add an extra inch or two so the strap will overlap).  Sew Velcro on each end.

If you are using sliders, but both sliders on one end like this.  If you're wondering where to purchase sliders, they're very difficult to find new!  BUT, you probably wear them everyday - maybe you have an old bra laying around you could use.

Bring the end back through the first slider to create a full circle.

Turn both raw edges under and stitch down.

Lay tie down with center seam facing you.  Place the neck strap over.

Fold the wider end of the tie over and through the strap.

Do the same thing with the smaller strap so it looks like this.

Straighten the neck strap while you pull on tie ends until you have them at the right length.
Sew through knot and both tie ends to anchor everything in place.

VIOLA!  What little boy wouldn't look adorable in this!  Create your own.  You can do it.

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for other great patterns!

Good Ol' Pfaffie!

Friday, May 14, 2010
I've been waiting along time for it to come.  I had been test-driving sewing machines the whole previous week because I decided it was time to give Madison a rest.  She had been so good to me but just wasn't everything that I needed.   I went to a huge warehouse full of hundreds of used sewing machines trying to find the one.  I could have stayed there forever looking at all the different kinds of sewing machines - new or old - it wouldn't matter.  I told the guy showing them to me, "I just love it here".  After much searching and even crying -Yes, I'm THAT bad- I finally pushed the "buy it now" button.  It was done.. I had made my choice.  After many sleepless nights dreaming and torturous hours during the day I had to think about this sewing machine a UPS guy FINALLY came to my door with a package - a package so huge he had to use a dolly!  Of course the boys were excited.  Once the box was opened they screamed as they saw all the packing peanuts.  There she was - a Pfaff 1222e sewing machine.

That's right, she's about 25-years-old and still a beast!  They just don't make them like they used to.  My favorite part - a walking foot. 

Only Pfaff has these babies built in.  The walking foot gives you beautiful-even stitches and keeps both the top and bottom fabrics even.  My Pfaffie can go through layers and layers of denim and vinyl.  Pretty sweet eh?  I could live without these crazy button controls, but it beats having a computerized sewing machine.

The Family Bernina

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Meet my Grandma - G'ma Joan.  I made purses with her while I was in Utah.  I just had to take a picture with her working on this machine, a 1944 Bernina-530.  It was her machine in 1969 when she bought it used when it was already 25-years-old!  That makes it 66-years-old!  My mother was in 4th grade at the time and learned to sew from my G'ma.  My mom first made Barbie clothes and used it throughout her school years and asked if she could have the Bernina as a graduation present.  

When my mom got married she made her wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, little girl dresses, and the serving aprons. 

She still sews on it to this day and has never owned a different sewing machine.  It's also the machine I learned to sew on.  It's been in the family for years and is still more powerful than any machine I've ever had.  I love that old thing!

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