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Make your own fabric headband!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Tutorial and pattern for making your own fabric headband.
Enjoy crafting at home!
These headbands are not only cute but they're easy to make and you'll be able to put some of those fabric scraps to use!

What you need: 1/4 yd main fabric, 1/8 yd fabric for flower, scraps for leaves, double-sided fusible interfacing (optional), thread, scissors, pins and a sewing machine.

Download and print pattern here.  Match green dotted/dashed line for headband and tape together.  Cut pattern pieces out for headband and leaf. 

Iron on a strip of fusible interfacing to wrong side of fabric for leaves (optional) and trace leaf over interfacing 3 times.  Cut out.

Place pattern piece for headband on fold of fabric.  Cut out.  If you didn't do previous step for leaves, cut 3 leaf pieces out now. Rip a strip of fabric for the flower measuring 2-inches by 22-inches.

Finish the long edges of your headband by first folding the raw edge over 1/4-inch and then another 1/4-inch.  Stitch close to edge.

Finish short ends the same as the longer edges.

Fold headband in half lengthwise and match up with pattern piece for proper leaf placement.

If you're using fusible interfacing, iron leaves in place.

Stitch around each leaf close to edge.

For flower, fold end of fabric under about 2 inches.

Fold long end of fabric back over itself on an angle.

Continue to fold the long end over itself turning clockwise.

Once you've made almost a full circle, narrow your strip by bunching it together as you turn.

Continue wrapping your strip in a circle motion around your flower - each layer being added to the outside of the flower.. making it bigger with each turn.

Once you reach the end of your fabric, tuck it under your flower.

Very carefully transfer your flower over to your headband and pin in place.

Stitch over flower layers starting on the outer edge and making a few turns around the outer 'petals'.  Make a few short stitches in the center to tack down fabric.


10 comments on "Make your own fabric headband!"
  1. oh darling! i kept scrolling down thinking, I want to see this on her. great job.

  2. Seriously? You spent, what? FIVE minutes looking at it on Sunday and you come up with this? So cute!

  3. You are so, so, so talented. Love it! Super cute fabric too!

  4. found you on pinterest and we are making this Saturday for our SuperSaturday activity at church. You just saved me from having to come up with a pattern by my self. 100 thanks yous!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! My friend and I are making these, and we were just going by pictures she took of them at a boutique (for $18 dollars each). She couldn't find a tutorial anywhere, but I hopped on Pinterest and found you in a minute! Plus a pattern! Again, thanks for making it so easy for us!

  6. Can't figure out how to download the pattern. Is it still on here? Thanks for the tutorial. :)

    1. Hi Lisa! I'm not sure why the link doesn't work for you. I clicked on it and the pattern pulls right up for me. I have the pattern for sale for only $3 in my Etsy shop -


  7. I can't get the link to open, it says that the URL is not found. Is there another way?

    1. Hi Kimberly! It works for me and I looked at the settings for the document and it SHOULD work. Can you try again? Do you have a google account (not sure if that would help or not)? If you still can't get it to work give me your e-mail address and I can e-mail it to you.



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