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Make your own Chandelier out of Clothes Hangers!

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Tutorial for making your own chandelier (out of clothes hangers)
Enjoy crafting at home!

This chandelier is not only unexpected but it looks cool too!
 What you need: bike rim and outer gear (adult sized), 36 wooden hangers, 6 ft of chain, cord for light, 73 zip ties, 2 large c-hooks, spray paint (optional), and thin wire (optional).
I got this idea online and about a week later I found an old rusty bike by the dumpster.  I was so excited! 

I wanted my bike rim/gear and hanger hooks to match so I spray painted them.
I hung the bike parts from a tree using fishing line.
 The hangers were already covered in plastic when I bought them so I just taped the top to avoid painting the wood.
 If your rim has 36 spoke holes, but a zip-tie in every 12th hole (so you have 3 evenly spaced) from the inside-out.
Attach hangers to each zip-tie.  If your hangers are shaped inward, MAKE SURE your hangers are laying the same way so they fit together smoothly.  TIP: don't tighten them all they way until the end.
 Next, zip-tie the top of the hangers to your gear so they're evenly spaced.  Find items to put in the center to hold the gear up at the right height while you're working. 
After I zip-tied all my hangers to my gear I decided the hangers weren't laying flat very well because of the 4 areas on the gear that stuck out into the center (it made the hangers pull in different directions).  In the end I decided to string wire through each hanger and around the gear to attach them and clipped off the zip-ties when I was done. I also pushed the hangers to the opposite side beause they layed flat better that way. 
 Here is what it turned out to look like using the wire.  Once I got the hangers to lay how I wanted them I tightened all the zip-ties and trimmed them.

For the chain I attached 3 links to each of the 4 points on the gear and then attached the main chain to all 4 pieces.  I doubled up the main chain link (where all links attached together) to make sure everything was secure.
I attached the wire of my light to the chain using a zip-tie and hung the chandelier with a large c-hook and a smaller one in the corner of the room to hold the wire up along the ceiling.  Because our ceilings are so low I couldn't have it hang any lower, but I think it would look really cool to have the chain longer from the ceiling if possible (that's what the 5' of chain is for).

Pallet Wood turned Center Piece

Saturday, August 13, 2011
I was browsing Etsy a few weeks ago and came across a lovely wooden planter someone had made out of old barn wood.  Since then I had been itching to make my own.  Much to my surprise, one day I found a wooden pallet in the dumpster.  I asked Kevin to get it out for me which he so kindly did.  The wood was really rough and I also wondered how I would make the 45-degree corners with just our jigsaw.  Well... it was possible!

I turned this beast:

Into this beauty:

While I'm talking about projects: we bought 2 little used (and nearly broken) oak kids chairs.  I went to the hardware store and got me some screws, paint, stain and lacquer.  I reinforced the chairs with screws (plus I liked the added detail), then I sanded the chairs, painted them, sanded them, did a second coat of paint, sanded the edges down to soak up the stain, then I hammered screws onto the surface of the wood to give it a unique-antique look, then I rubbed stain all over them (only to realize it wasn't the kind of stain I'm used to and that it gave it a much dirtier look.. but oh well), then I sanded AGAIN and I still need to put the lacquer on.  Nonetheless... here's what they turned out to look like:

Yay for projects!

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