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Family Silhouettes

Friday, September 9, 2011
I always remember seeing in my Grandma's house silhouette pictures of her kids hanging up in oval frames.  It must have been popular back then.  I saw on a lady's blog a picture of her family in modernized silhouettes - just couldn't resist!


 This is what I came up with for our wall.  I ended up not putting mine and Kevin's pictures up... maybe in our room.
10 comments on "Family Silhouettes"
  1. They look great. I've thought about doing those but not from pictures, just from shadow on the wall. (p.s. I don't understand what you meant by "I ran into a picture of a lady who modernized..." Is this something you found on the internet? You saw the pictures she did? or you saw her picture and she described what she did? You should add the link.)

  2. Good call Britt! I've added the link :)

  3. They are so cute! I have seen those around lately. I will buy them from you on etsy if you do it. :)

  4. I tried doing this like 3 days ago...I failed

  5. these are awesome, dani! love them!

  6. I love Jonah's little profile. They all turned out really cute! I love It.


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