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Girl's Sewing Night

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
There's nothing I've loved more than hosting/teaching a girl's sewing night each month with my girlie friends here in California.
Feel free to tell me what project you liked most, a memory from class, or the most favorite thing you've learned!
Here are the projects we've done:
Toddler Hat
Girl Pleated Skirt
3-Button Purse
Jewelry Hanger
Camera Strap
Missy Apron
 Hide-A-Quilt Pillowcases
Slip-on Shoe
Garment Bag
Toddler backpacks
 Here are pictures of our last sewing night:
 I wheeled my sewing equipment to/from sewing class in style.
 I'm going to miss you all SO much!  Keep sewing and creating!

How to make your own Wooden Plaques and Trophies for Cub Scouts

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Tutorial for making Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award Plaques
and Pinewood Derby Award Trophies!  
I was asked to be a Cub Scout Bear Den Leader for the boys in my church.  When I started I had no clue what I was doing. Even though I'm a girl and this might seem like a guys job, I took on the task of making the Arrow of Light awards and Pinewood Derby trophies myself!  I first wanted to make this tutorial for the ladies in my Pack who might want to take over this job when I'm gone, but there are probably many people who may be interested in knowing how to make these themselves.  Good luck and have fun working with your boys!
Here's what you'll need for the Arrow of Light Plaques (excludes arrow):
MATERIALS (makes 3 Plaques):
  • Pine Board (size 1"x 6"x8')
  • Wood Stain (Optional)
  • Polyurethane Finish
  • Foam Brushes
  • 6 (7/8-inch) Brass Cup Hooks
  • 6 Self Leveling Picture Hangers (Optional)
  • 3 Arrows cut out of Vinyl (Order HERE) (Download digital pattern HERE)
  • Custom Metal Nameplate (Size 3"-wide x 1 1/4"- tall) (Order HERE)
  • Tape Measure + Pencil
  • Saw
  • Power Sander + Fine & Coarse Sandpaper
  • Drill + Drill Bits
Here's what you'll need for the Pinewood Derby Trophies:
MATERIALS (makes 10 Trophies):
  • Pine Board (size 1"x 6"x8')
  • Wood Stain (Optional)
  • Polyurethane Finish
  • Foam Brushes
  • 20 wood screws
  • Custom Metal Nameplates (Size 3 3/4"-wide x 4 1/2"- tall) (Order HERE) (Get idea HERE)
  • Tape Measure + Pencil
  • Power Saw
  • Sander + Fine & Coarse Sandpaper
  • Drill + Drill Bits 
 Set up your workspace.
My only option is a wooden table outside of our apartment complex area - I'm sure my neighbors get annoyed whenever I pull out my power tools!

ARROW OF LIGHT: Mark your pine board so you get 3 pieces that are 29"-long.  Cut pieces with saw.

 TROPHIES: Mark your pine board so you get 10 pieces 4 1/2"-wide (main pieces) and 10 pieces 2"-wide (for base).  Cut pieces with saw.

Next, use your power sander (with coarse paper) to soften all the edges. Notice the difference between the top and bottom pieces!

TROPHIES: Drill holes for your screws in the main (on the 4 1/2"side) and base pieces (on the large flat side).  Screw your screws in the base pieces just until they poke out a little - this makes it easy to match up the holes to the main pieces.  Now you can screw the screws through both pieces together.

Put away all your tools and get ready to stain and finish your wood!  Stain is optional but makes the wood look really nice.

If you are staining your PLAQUES and TROPHIES it's really easy!  Just dip a paper towel in the can of stain and generously coat all surfaces of your wood.  This gets really messy so be sure to wear gloves.  Wait about 5 minutes and wipe off any remaining stain.

They're looking really nice, but not quite finished.

ARROW OF LIGHT: Center the vinyl arrows over plaques and press firmly.  Use a credit card or hard-flat surface to scrape over the vinyl to eliminate any bubbles or creases.
 Pull the sticky paper off the vinyl and you're ready for a clear coat!

Follow the directions off the back of the polyurethane.  I've found it best to use a foam brush rather then a regular brush because it doesn't leave as many streaks.

Make sure there are no drips or bubbles in the finish because when it dries it is really noticeable!
The directions for the polyurethane I used said to do 3 coats, and to sand (with fine paper) in-between the 1st and 2nd coats.  It's time consuming but the finished product turns out beautiful!

ARROW OF LIGHT: Drill two holes through the center of the vinyl arrow and screw cup hooks in.

ARROW OF LIGHT: If you want your Cub Scout to be able to hang his award, you'll want to add some hangers on the back.  I use pictures hangers and hammer one on each end towards the top.

ARROW OF LIGHT: Assemble your arrow kit (you can buy at the Scout Office) and place over cup hooks.  Turn the cup hooks inward so they clamp down on the arrow to prevent it from shifting around.

I don't have a picture for the nameplates that I have put on the ARROW OF LIGHT awards, but they look just like these but smaller.  I attach the name plates under the arrow.  As for the TROPHIES, I ordered 10 nameplates (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the Wolf, Bear, and Webelo Dens, and a Best-In-Show).

The nameplates come with a sticky foam strip on the back that stick right to the wood.


Monday, January 17, 2011
Have you heard of it?  I doubt it.
I love scherenschnitte but you don't see it much these days.  It's the art of paper cutting.  I'm no pro but I've done it a few times in my life.  My favorite thing to do with scherenschinitte is to frame a special photograph.

  Download pattern HERE

Download pattern HERE

I made patterns from these to share because they're almost impossible to find and it would be a fun thing to do for a girl's night - another one of my favorite thing to do!

What you'll need: a letter sized sheet of paper (cardstock or heavier type paper is best), an exacto knife, and a matte for cutting.

How you do it: download the pattern and print it on the WRONG side of the paper you want to use.  Use your exacto knife to cut out all the grey areas so just the white areas are showing.  It's that easy!


Tutorial for Making your Own Scarf

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Tutorial for making a neck scarf in minutes
Enjoy sewing at home!  

A simple scarf can go a long way.  You can tie it around your neck making your outfit totally cute, tie it on your purse, or even tie it in your hair for a headband!

What you need: 2 1/2 yards (45" wide) chiffon fabric (makes 2 scarfs), thread, and scissors.
(I got my fabric for $1.50 a yard at Wal-Mart.. that's less then $2 a scarf!)

Cut your fabric down the center lengthwise so you have two pieces that measure about 22 1/2-inches wide by 2 1/2 yards long.  TIP: It's easiest to fold your fabric in-half lengthwise and cut on the fold.

 Hem the short ends of your fabric first with a 1/4-inch hem.

Next hem the long ends of your fabric - remember to back-stitch where you start and end.

Ta da!  Now you have a simple scarf that can change the way you look!  So cute, so girlie!

I raided my mom's closet while I was in Utah and found a lovely scarf to wear to a Christmas Party.  When I asked her where she got it she said she made it.. of course!  Thanks mom for doing this first and figuring out the right length.. love you!
(my mom's blog - she has great ideas!)

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