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Another place to put my fabric.. on a door!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
 Why didn't I think of this before?  I was stuffing stacks of these fabric cutouts for my Mei Tai's under my bed in a plastic bin that I had to dig through to find what I needed.  Now they are organized, handy, and displayed nicely!

I love organizing! 

2/2/2013 I've had questions on how I did this.  I had some over the door hooks/knobs laying around so I used 2 of those (they are very strong - I believe form Ikea).  I had a bunch of white twill tape.  I measured how long I wanted my over-the-door organizer - then I cut my twill tape twice that length (x2 - 1 for each side), folded the twill tape in half and skipped 3" from the fold tape then measured/marked 3/4" from there all the way down.  I then sewed lines over those marks back and forth really well.  In-between the stitched lines created little pockets to put the dowels through.  The 3" space at the top where the fold was made a nice loop to go over the knobs/hooks that were hanging from the top of the door.

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