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Makeover Advice - What would you do?

Saturday, March 23, 2013
I saw this treadle at a re-use store today, looked at it for a few minutes and decided to walk around the store for a few minutes to decide if I would get it.  The moment I saw someone else look at it - game on!  I wasn't going to let this slip out of my grasp even though it was more than what I usually pay.  As I was paying 2 other people stooped down to check it out and were disappointed to hear that it was sold.  As I was loading it in my vehicle another couple stopped to say, "Good find"!  It is a good find.  I've never heard of "The Eldredge" company, but this is practically identical to my other "Sears" treadle.  The machine has a layer of dust and some rust but mechanically sound and cosmetically in fine condition.  It comes with the attachment set and manual.  The cabinet is also great.  A little more ornate then what I prefer but nothing is broken and just needs a face lift.

 Should I keep it as original looking as possible OR should I give it a completely new look with color and hardware?  I'm totally up in the air.

What would YOU do!?
2 comments on "Makeover Advice - What would you do?"
  1. Keep it looking original - the wood is too beautiful to paint! And then sell it to me...just kidding...kind of.

  2. Just clean and shine! Great looking cabinet.


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