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Bread Box Makeover

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
I grabbed this bread box from the thrift store.  It screamed at me, "Fix me up and make me pretty!"  It's all wood with a glass window that has 1983 printed on it.  It's age was apparent but not any more!

What did I do, exactly, you might ask?
-Took the knob, window, knob and hinges off.
-Sanded all surfaces to bare wood.
-Painted door creme.
-Stained box with Minwax Grey Stain.
-Sanded lightly.  Sanded edges of door to bar wood.  Rubbed grey stain VERY lightly on creme door and edges.
-Painted 2 coats of Polyurethane on all sides.
-Scrubbed hinges with steel wool.
-Cleaned window.
-Added new tabs to hold window (now removes easily for cleaning).

6 comments on "Bread Box Makeover"
  1. Replies
    1. I'm sorry.. I sold it quickly after I fixed it up! :)

  2. OMG, I just found an exact same box from an estate sale but mine is from 1984. I want to make it over to but am afraid of chemical smell. I

    1. Wow what are the odds that you found my blog?! There are very low odor wood products, latex paint that says low VOC! GOOD LUCK!!

    2. Thanks Dani!! I will def try that!! :-) glad to have found ur post through Pinterest!!


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