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Custom Wood Aquarium Stand & Hood Project

Monday, January 27, 2014
One of my boys has been asking for a goldfish so my husband and I decided to surprise all 3 of our boys with their own fish.  After some research we realized we couldn't get away with just a little fish bowl, gravel, fish and food.  After a trip to the pet store and about $125 dollars later we had our aquarium and little fantail goldfish.

The piano bench was just a temporary spot until I could make something at eye level to put it on.

After a small sketch on paper and digging around in my wood scrap pile I came up with a stand and hood.  Okay, it wasn't as easy as it sounds... after a few DAYS of cutting, fitting, glueing, clamping, hole filling, sanding, dusting, painting, glazing, vinyl spackling and clear coating I was done!  I also made sure to waterproof the top of the stand and bottom of the hood with clear caulking to protect it from any water.

I made cutouts in the hood for the filter and other various cords.

I figured I'd get the main parts done and work on the door later.  For the door I made a frame the size I wanted and used trim pieces inside the window to tie it in with the sides of the stand.  It was perfect!  

What I'm most happy about is I only had to buy one board from the store... everything else I had on hand!  I had an old 2x4 covered in ice outside I ripped down for the main structure of the stand, wood from a bed frame I found by the dumpster that I trimmed the top, bottom and hood with, leftover MDF for the shelves, hinges I scrapped from a desk by the dumpster, and various trims and boards from other projects.

I used Minwax White Wash over the bare wood, wiped it off and let dry.

Then I brushed Rust-oleum Glaze on, wiped it off then used a wet rag to wipe off the excess.  It tinted the white glaze and stuck in the cracks and crevices which I like.

This was my first time using vinyl spackling and I will for sure have some on hand from now on!  I wanted something similar to caulk to fill in large gaps and something I could sand if needed. This stuff reminds me of the mud used for drywall.

Last step was to put 2 coats of protective finish.  I need to write a separate post just for this Polycrylic because I love it so much!

These little fishies seem pretty happy!
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