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Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
I was happy and surprised to find out there was a shop just 1-hour south from me that specializes in industrial sewing machines.  I decided I had to go down there and try out some machines to know if I REALLY need an industrial machine... and if so, what features I would like/need.

It was a great experience visiting Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines.  Bob, the owner, and his son are EXTREMELY patient!  I can't tell you how annoying I must have been trying out all the different machines and going back and forth between them all. I didn't see them roll their eyes once and they kindly told me about the machines and even switched out some machines so I could try different motors.

I left with just a few cones of thread but I have a much better idea of what industrial machines are capable of.  I definitely want a servo motor - the clutch motors are too noisy and speed is hard to control.  I prefer a machine with reverse capabilities but could live without if it was considerably cheaper.  I would be happy with either a flat bed or cylinder machine.  I have too many options to choose from!

I took some pictures to share.  Enjoy!

Heavy-duty threads!  They also had binding, scissors and machines attachments.

 They have all types of machines, flat bed, cylinder, walking foot, blind-stitch, sergers...

... brand-new, used and REALLY old machines, too!

 This machine really caught my attention... it is HUGE!

 It was used for several layers of very thick leather, such as making horse tackle.

I can't see the model # very well, but could probably look up the serial # to date the machine.

Here's another old machine with a very narrow cylinder arm, probably for shoe repair.

This machine is like the Adler above but treadle-style!

 I really liked this machine.  It was super smooth and quiet but didn't have reverse.

 This machine had reverse but is new (out of my price range).

 New Juki...

... old Juki.

 Old Singer Walking foot machine.. has reverse!

Another old Singer walking foot with reverse.  I really liked this one because it was quiet, smooth and has a large bobbin!

New Consew with servo motor.  This was really nice too and I would love it but I was drawn to the "older souls".

Old Lewis blind-hemmer.

Jonah isn't too happy... "hold on buddy.. almost done!"

 Here's the last one of them all!  Bob said it was an old machine used to sew tires!

If I ever decide on a machine it is reassuring to know that Bob and his shop are close enough to stop by!
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