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Reused Dumpster Finds

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I like the dumpsters... is that weird?  Last month I drove past one of the dumpsters in our community and saw a bunch of wood sticking out.  I reluctantly put my car in park because I knew I was going to have another project on my hands (it never ends...ahhhh!)  I looked inside and there were a bunch of pine boards. Um, yeah, I was going to let that go to the dump!  I also found a large cracked mirror on my home home... sheesh!

I laid out the boards and they were pretty nasty with dirt, writing and stickers... I spent a good 3 hours sanding EVERY surface.  I was able to build one shelving unit for the kids room but there were extra pieces... I made a bathroom shelf (just what we needed)!  Tutorial HERE.

I liked the frame of the mirror and put it on my piano to be out of the way.  Turns out I kind of like it sitting up there!

 One girl's trash is another girl's treasure.  Feels good to reuse.
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