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Pegboard Tool Storage Cabinet Project

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
I had tools scattered around the house and it was driving me crazy!  I looked online for peg storage systems and came upon this downloadable building plan for a tool cabinet system (shop-in-a-box) on Amazon.
I love that it has 4 doors which have pegboards on both side so you can really maximize it's usefulness.  My all-time favorite feature of this cabinet are the shelves in the back and the bins for small things.

I compared lumber at Home Depot, Lowe's and our local lumber yard, Fingerlie and I decided to get most of my wood at Fingerlie because it was much better quality.  Harbor Freight had the best price for the peg hooks (you'll need more than you think)!

I cut all the pieces in my woodshop class (I was rushing and it still took 4 hours)...
...then I brought it home and made a HUGE mess of my living room!

(sample page from instructions)

 It took me about 5 hours to get everything assembled, sanded and hinges attached!

 I didn't want to drill into the cement wall to attach the mounting board, so I screwed a wide board down from the rafters in the ceiling against the wall to attach it there.

 The worst part was figuring out where to put all my crazy tools!  One thing I should note is that the inside doors feel a bit awkward to get behind because they don't open as much as you'd expect.

The small shelves are adjustable and the little bins fit perfectly inside.  The hardboard I used wasn't quite the specified 1/4" so I doubled it up.  I did 5 bins and there's enough room for 2 more!

 I bought some magnetic strips to stick little odds and ends to (you'll just want to make sure both sides of pegboard in the door match up enough to stick a few bolts through).

 The whole cabinet only sticks off the wall about 12-1/2" which is amazing considering all it can hold!  IMPORTANT: I overlooked the overall space I would need for this cabinet because you need to consider the space the large doors will need to open all the way which is SIXTY-INCHES!!  I originally planned to hang this cabinet at the top of our basement stairs to keep the tools super handy, however, there just wasn't enough room.

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