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DIY Tutorial for Building an 'X' Entryway Table

Friday, September 23, 2016
This was a rewarding project for me and I'm happy to share it with you so you can make your own!  The lumber only cost $15 and it was finished in a day!

 In my search to find an entryway table that required minimal lumber (I didn't have much on hand and wanted a quick project) I came across a few tables that I got inspiration from.

I quickly gathered my 2x4's and began measuring the dimensions of our entryway to build my own!

DIY Easy & Inexpensive Chicken Brooder for Broody Hen

Friday, September 16, 2016

I should probably make a blog called "The Chicken Lady" because I've had so many posts about chickens lately!  I thought after the last post about our chicken run that we wouldn't have anymore chicken projects but they like to surprise us!

For the last week one of our chickens has been broody and wants to sit in the nest box all day, with or without eggs under her.  Because we don't have a rooster to have fertilized eggs for hatching we would pull her off the eggs hoping to break her broodiness.  She seems pretty determined and it felt like the perfect opportunity to have some little chicks around before it gets colder outside - plus I was feeling bad she was doing all that work for nothing!

New Family Task + Chore System / Board - Make your own!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This post is to show you our new Task/Chore System Board. Hopefully I can give you a few ideas to implement in your own family because we all know different systems work for different families.  First I'll do my best to describe how it works and then I'll show you how I put it together (I love my Cricut machine!!)

Delta 34-600 Tilting Arbor Saw Makeover

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My husband is so good and knows to get me tools for presents.  He tried to get me a drill press for my birthday and when that fell through I asked if I could get a table saw instead - I've been itching to have one ever since we moved into our house 6 months ago!  When I found this little beauty on Craigslist it was love at first sight!

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