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How-to Add a Switch and Grounded Wire to Old Motor (Update Your Shop Tools)!

Friday, January 27, 2017
Perhaps the biggest difference (and most important) part about re-storing my old drill press was updating all the wiring.

I've read horror stories about these old, all-metal machines carrying voltage through them and going straight to the person using it (because the machine wasn't grounded).  I certainly don't want to die so it was a huge priority to make this drill press safe before I could use it!

Also, I don't like the idea of plugging a tool in to turn it on so I wanted to add a switch.  I wasn't able to find any information on how to add a switch/grounded wire to a shop tool so I read a lot of electrical sites, forums and most importantly - I talked to my dad.  I wanted this thing to be "code" and for it to be done RIGHT so I can show people how to do it themselves.  (See disclaimer below)

This is the state I bought it in.  It looks like someone tried to add their own switch by roughing in an old lamp cord and wrapping the ends with a wad of electrical tape.  People, people.

The idea is simple, really.  To add a switch you need to have the hot wire 'interrupted' and that is done by having the hot wire connected to the switch on both ends - when it's flipped on/off the hot wire is "connected"/"disconnected".  

Delta Homecraft 11-120 11" Drill Press Restoration & Re-wire

Thursday, January 26, 2017
For the last month I've been looking for a drill press and band saw on Craigslist to add to my shop.

When I saw this little beaut it just felt right.  I e-mailed the guy to see if he could budge on the price and I got it for $50.

I honestly didn't know much about drill presses a few weeks ago because I had only used one a handful of times.  I was hoping it would be larger than what it looked to be in the pictures and I was glad to see that it was a good size - and it's a heavy little bugger (I can barely tilt it up from laying down)!

I didn't test it before I bought it because the wiring was cr-aaa-zy!  Seriously, someone just wired an old lamp cord to this thing and wrapped a bunch of electrical tape around the exposed wire ends.  I honestly don't get it.

I'm not going to do an in-depth post about how I re-stored my press because I mostly want to focus on how you can add a switch and a grounded wire (posted here).

But first - BEFORE and AFTER pictures of this machine!

DIY - Tutorial for Making a Basic Entryway Table

Hey there!  I built this entryway table last month just before Christmas and I am FINALLY getting around to posting about it.  Truthfully, I've been so busy with a gazillion projects I hardly have time for anything!

 Anyways - let's get to business.  The options are endless for designing a table but I wanted mine to be simple, functional and to use what wood I had on hand (three 2x4x10 boards).  Wait. What?  3 boards!?  YES!

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